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At Ultra Painting, we provide high-end interior commercial painting services around Dane County. Ever felt like your business needs a new look? Or maybe you haven’t received too many customers lately? If that’s the case, our team of professional painters is here for you!

Our team of professional painters are licensed and passionate about their work. We will exceed your expectations and go above and beyond for you. Whatever business you own, big or small, we got you! Call us today at 608-575-6456 to get your free estimate and hire us with no hidden charges!

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Protect your investment against the Dane County elements with our 3-5 years warranty!

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Ultra Painting is the company to call when you need professional interior commercial painting solutions. We are committed to delivering high-quality work that satisfies the particular demands of each of our clients. We have the expertise and assets to handle any project size, from small office buildings to large warehouses.

To ensure a flawless finish, our interior commercial painting service includes careful surface preparation, the use of only high-quality paints and materials, and meticulous attention to detail. We provide a wide range of commercial interior design services, including:

Tired of your old business interior look? Ultra Painting has got you! We offer accessible store rebranding services all across Dane County. Our creative and innovative team of interior commercial painters will give you fresh and new ideas on how to revamp your commercial space.
Want to improve the doors in your retail store? Let Ultra Painting do it for you! Old and damaged doors can downgrade the vibe of your space because of their unappealing look. But don’t worry; our expert interior commercial painters can transform it into a high-class door!

Old-painted stairwells can be unsafe if not regularly maintained. Stairwells often have heavily foot traffic, causing paint to peel off easily. That’s why having it recoated annually can improve the looks of your overall store! Ultra Painting offers the best and high-quality commercial stairwell painting in the greater Dane County!

Bring life back to your walls with the help of our professional painters. Of course, your business deserves the best-looking walls for your customers to see. Certainly, your customers won’t be able to resist the new coat of paint we’ll put on your walls. We’re here to help you with all your commercial painting needs.

The color of your ceilings can affect your commercial space’s illumination. Also, it affects the overall look and vibe of the place. So, how can you fix a gloomy and dark store? With a fresh coat of light shade of paint of course!

Contact us today and get your free estimate!

A painted wall requires a well-painted trim. You don’t want to leave your trimmings untouched because it adds personality to your walls. At Ultra Painting, we ensure to give you the best trims to match your perfectly painted walls!
Popcorn ceilings are common mostly in commercial buildings. It can really downgrade the vibe and overall aesthetics of your store. At Ultra Painting, we offer extensive popcorn ceiling removal and knockdown that will give your ceiling a smooth and flawless finish.

If you need to restore an old wall or do some sheetrock project, our team can assist you. We have extensive repair experience and will finish the task in a timely fashion. We’ll make certain that everything is properly sanded and painted so that your space looks brand new.

Full Interior Commercial Painting

Having a well-maintained commercial space can impact how potential customers’ think about your business. We understand maintaining your commercial space can take a lot of time and effort.

With Ultra Painting we make sure to give you the best painting and restoration results that you deserve. Our expert painters in Dane County only use the best painting products and materials to ensure the integrity of our workmanship.

At Ultra Painting, we value honesty, reliability, and efficiency. When you hire us, we constantly communicate with you throughout the project’s progress to ensure we meet your standards.

Call us today at 608-575-6456 to schedule your estimation for free!

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At Ultra Painting we value our client’s satisfaction and aim for 100%. We want our transactions to be hassle-free and we always make sure you’ll have the best experience working with us. Ultra Painting offers extensive commercial painting services that will not disappoint!

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Interior Commercial Painting FAQs

Ultra Painting are the best commercial interior painters in Dane County and the surrounding areas. Our team is full of experienced painters who can deliver the best results efficiently and effectively.

Reach out to us today for a free consultation and estimate.

At Ultra Painting, we acknowledge that cost is an important factor in any commercial painting deliverables we have. As a result, we provide free consultations for all of our services. This allows you to fully comprehend the costs associated with your project before decision making. We will need to assess the scope of your project, including the size of the space, the state of the surfaces to be painted, and any special demands you may have, in order to provide you with an accurate estimate.

We will collaborate with you to create a plan that fits your budget and timeline. For a free estimate on your interior commercial painting project, please contact us at 608-575-6456.

Absolutely! Having an aesthetically appealing interior commercial space will lead to better employee and customer satisfaction, resulting in better performance and higher sales!

We are able to paint commercial interiors year round! The best time to paint depends on your business’s seasonality. It is best to paint during a slow season or during temporary closures, but we do our best to have a minimal impact on your business operations if you so choose to paint while open.

Painting your office shades of blue promotes productivity. Shades of yellows and greens are also preferable because it’s easy on the eyes and can uplift your employee’s mood.

Ultra Painting offers free color consultations with our painting services to help you find the color that’s best for your business in Dane County. Contact our painting experts today and get your free estimate!

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We have assisted hundreds of business owners in Dane County over the years. Our professional work has resulted in bringing our clients more satisfied customers every time. We are always listening to our clients and our client’s satisfaction is our top priority.

Thanks to our clients, we at Ultra Painting continue to grow and improve our painting techniques. You won’t see us using old methods for painting, instead, we’ll be using the newest painting tools and technology for our work. Ultra Painting offers extensive exterior commercial painting services that will not disappoint! So feel free to give us a call at 608-575-6456″>608-575-6456 today and let’s get started on your business!